FAQ: Irish On Ionia 2019

Q – Must I be 21 to enter?

A – You must be 21 years of age or older and be able to provide valid photo identification upon entering the event.

Q – When can I get the items that come with my VIP ticket?

A - You will pick up your shirt, mug, fast gate credentials and gloves upon entering the event.

Q – Are you able to leave the event and come back in?

A – We allow re-entry but cannot guarantee it. Meaning, if you leave the event, you must re-enter in the same line as other patrons are to get in. You will not have to pay to re-enter. NOW, the VIP ticket provides you with the proper credentials to come in and out as you would like in the VIP Fast Pass Gate Line. VIPs have their own line at the gate.

Q – How do you pay for food and drinks? Do you accept credit cards?

A - Food, Beer, Cocktails, etc will be exchanged for tickets. Within the event, there are Ticket Tents, where you will be able to purchase these tickets. Tickets can be purchased with cash or credit card. New this year, we will have ticket sellers walking the event selling tickets with Credit or Debit Card only. You will notice them as they will be carrying a large flag on their back, “Buy Tickets Here”.

Q – Are there access to ATMs in the event?

A – Yes, ATMs will be located within Irish On Ionia. You will notice their location as they will have standing vertical flags aside them.

Q – Where is the best location to park?

A - Grand Rapids has some great parking options in and around Irish On Ionia. Area #4, Fulton/Ionia Parking Ramp across from the Van Andel Arena, and the 38 Commerce Lot (corner of Weston and Commerce) as well. We always recommend the local transit system to get you to and from safely.

Q – How about UBER?

A – We ultimately recommend utilizing UBER for all of your transportation needs to and from Irish On Ionia. Recommended UBER pick up and drop off points are on Commerce between Fulton and Oakes.